Kaytee Boyd

Kaytee Boyd
Kaytee Boyd

After graduating from Otago University with a double degree in Human Nutrition and Sport Science, Kaytee has continued on with further study within CHEK Institute holistic wellness disciplines. Under the guidance of experienced mentors in specialist areas Kaytee has been involved in the Health and Wellness industry for 19 years. A member of Nutrition Society of NZ, MINND foundation, is also a DAN practitioner working with Autism.

Kaytee has worked in many facets of the health industry as an exercise professional, strength conditioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Nutrition Specialist and Sports & Biomedical Nutritionist.

Innovative and integrative, Kaytee specializes in cancer, adrenal fatigue and CFS, hormone imbalance, gut and food allergies, and now works along side a specialist doctor with a highly successful hormone weight loss program.

A professional athlete herself, Kaytee has competed for New Zealand in BMX, Mountain Bike, Road and is a World Cup Gold Medalist in Track cycling, she has also competed in the Commonwealth Games. Kaytee has her own company coaching athletes and beginners alike in all areas of endurance and power sports, her skill base has great depth and knowledge of the human body extremely helpful in diagnosis and treatment, as well as providing exercise programs.

Kaytee runs seminars and one on one consults, fun cooking sessions and personalised plans.

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