Dr. Ron Goedeke

Dr. Ron Goedeke
Dr. Ron Goedeke

Dr Ron Goedeke is a General Practitioner who has been practicing Appearance Medicine since 1996. Dr. Goedeke is a foundation member of the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine and has been a member of the American Academy of Anti-ageing Medicine since 1999.

Dr. Goedeke has a passion for Anti-Ageing Medicine and Wellness and is recognised as one of New Zealand’s leaders in this new field of medicine. Each year Dr Goedeke travels to the United States at least once to update his knowledge in this rapidly advancing field of medicine. He has extensive experience with techniques in how to make you ‘feel and look better’; this involves a holistic approach combining Nutritional Medicine with Bio-identical Hormone Replacement for both men and women, in combination with Appearance Medicine treatments.

In addition to his expertise in Wellness, Dr Goedeke is Medical Director of the Liposuction Institute and is one of New Zealand’s most experienced doctors in performing liposuction.

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